Smoothmedia is a strategic advisory and interactive services firm solving digital media challenges for a global portfolio of clients.

We generate and protect online identities, implement fresh design and innovative web technology, find market value in creative industry ventures, and conduct radial social research for non-profit investments.

Smoothmedia directors Chris Brauer and Jennifer Barth live in London, UK but work all over the world.


Our favourite currency is experiences. If you have an interesting project contact us to discuss. Sometimes we take photos. Click on an image to see a larger version

  • The art, practice, and skill of hitting the target

  • London Bus from the top of Monument (Tilt Gen)

  • Mind the Gap

  • Friends suggest this should be our first album cover

  • On board the Oosterschelde tall ship in the North Sea

  • The Road to Nowhere leads to Mesa, AZ

  • Sniffing out our next great project in South Africa

  • Jenn thinking about a new charter for Innovaros

  • Smoothmedia hypnosis. Look into our silver fish

  • White semitransparent and flawless marble

  • Reaching for the sky

  • Chris considers emergent technologies for Paros